Step to Step Guide on What You Should Do When You Miss Your Luggage

Take a deep breath, it’s been a couple of days since your luggage got missing. You wish to take an action to recover your luggage other than wishing that it’ll miraculously locate you. I commend your effort, you’re in the right place.

This piece is to clear you on the step to step guide on What you should Do when you miss your luggage. So, stretch out on your couch, sip some tea, and let’s discover that luggage.

Step to Step Guide on What You Should Do When You Miss Your Luggage

If it’s your first time in the whole flight system, you might tend to conclude that your luggage is missing. Though rare, it may be true. So, the earlier the better. First thing first.

Wait for it

Truth is, your luggage is not missing. It might be delayed due to the hectic process of sorting the Luggage for transition. Wait up for 30 to 45 minutes, your fears might be stilled and you’ll leave the airport a happy Traveller. But In case you’re already feeling awkward that you’ve outstayed the time, then, you should look for your luggage.

Look Elsewhere

No other place to look than the airline’s baggage desk.

Maybe your luggage made it on board but was offloaded at a different carousel. Check at the baggage office or other offload destinations available in the airport.

You’re not alone in this, don’t lose your cool on anyone in the process of recovering your lost luggage. Be 100% sure before concluding that your luggage is missing. If your speculations are correct, go on, and report it.

How To Report Your Missing Luggage

Don’t fret, you’re a step closer to recovering your missing Luggage when you do the following.


#1. Go to the luggage handle of the airliner in charge of your last flight

First off, consult the desk of the airliner that handled your flight. If you boarded multiple flights, you should meet the one that operated your last flight.

Don’t consider whether the luggage made it to their station or not. They’re ultimately responsible for the delivery of your luggage. You should reach out to an agency that is affiliated with your airliner service.

#2. Describe Your Missing Luggage

The first step is to locate an agency. Next is to do the reporting. Describe your luggage to the agency. Having a picture of your luggage is a clear shot to recovering your missing Luggage. Present the luggage information that you filled out while checking in at the baggage desk.

#3. Go Official: File a Report

You’re here because the agency couldn’t put forward any reasonable solution to help in recovering your missing Luggage. Take things up, and file a report for missing Luggage.

Be clear as possible. Include details like the color of your luggage, the luggage material, and the size. Add outside and inside tags for quick recognition. More on that later on in this article. Include some vital details about your luggage desk and tracking number. Tracking is made possible by various airlines as a result of a standard tracking system.

#4. Demand Reimbursement

It’s time to make that demand, the airline company has to undertake your loss and inconveniences. It’s your right to be cleared on what the airline company will provide to reimburse for any loss or damages done to your luggage.

Some airline reimbursement policies may cover to an extent for the losses and inconveniences you incurred within the period of waiting for your bag to arrive. For example, reimbursement for reasonable purchases like clothes and toiletries. Others may offer amenity kits at the luggage handle to cover for missing Luggage.

On the bright side, your luggage may be in transit to you. That means not missing but delayed. However, delayed Luggage tolls on your convenience. You should know what to do while waiting for the luggage to arrive.


What to Do if your Luggage was Delayed

While you await the arrival of your luggage, do the following:

#1. Give them a drop-off address

Give the airline company a drop-off address for your luggage. Preferably, it should be your resident address. Let your luggage come to you. Don’t be cajoled to go back to the airport for your luggage, that’s their responsibility now.

#2. Shop Essential goods and keep the receipt

The airline company will require the original receipt of reasonable expenses that you made during the waiting period to reimburse you. Don’t take unnecessary advantages by going on a shopping spree. This might implicate you and land your claims in denial. Only essential products like a change of clothes, toothpaste, and maybe snacks will be considered. Don’t be greedy.

#3. A Calm Reminder

On the ever-growing schedule of man, things might get cold and your matter might be overlooked. Fan up the flames of escalation by doing a Calm reminder. Look up the social media-compliant platforms of the airline or any medium provided for escalation. You should contact customer care service for a first-hand hearing. A plus is if you’re a platinum or elite of the company; you’ll be Preferred.

If no better improvement for more than 24 hours, then you should file a complaint with the Department of Transportation(DOT). This may not bring any instant results, but rest assured your matter will be taken seriously. This will keep the company awake and they’ll take your matter seriously.

It’s okay to revert any inconveniences and frustration you encountered during your waiting period. Regardless of whether your luggage is found.

#4. Check the Offers and Policies of your credit card

Some credit cards offer reimbursement to users for loss of luggage and delay. If you booked the flight with a credit card, you should check to see if the offer has been released.

If the reimbursement isn’t done, you should take the steps required toward getting reimbursed. It’s another way of getting compensated for lost baggage or delayed Luggage. See some credit cards that can offer such a service.


Prevention, they say, is better than cure. What if you could have prevented the hassle and inconveniences from happening?

Let’s face it, you may not be able to stop your luggage from missing, but you can positively influence the recovery process of your Luggage.

How to Avoid your Missing Luggage

#1. Carry-On Luggage

All your luggage shouldn’t go through to the luggage handle, some vital and life-saving items should be carry-on with you on board. This will save you some hassle and curb incidental expenses. Items that are fit for the carry-on include:

  • Medications
  • Wallet
  • Few changes of clothes
  • Your Traveler check
  • Phones and chargers
  • An empty water bottle

#2. Outside/Inside Label

This is a smart move to speed up the recovery of your missing Luggage. You should clasp a label paper on the outside of your luggage, this calls for quick reference of ownership. The outsider label should hold the following details

  • Name
  • Destination address
  • Email address
  • Phone number and other personal information that can help easy tracking

You can slip a similar label inside your luggage, or a simple phone number will suffice.

#3. Identify Your Luggage

As stated earlier, you should be able to have details about your luggage that can easily catch the eye and draw attention from afar. You can affix to your luggage eye catchy colors like lemon green and shiny objects that easily reflects light. Give your luggage unique markings, paintings, and colors that will make it stand out amidst other luggage.

#4. Air Tag Your Luggage

Use air Tags, dear. Get one, get it now. Air tag is the sure and quickest way to track down your luggage irrespective of its location. Feel more in control of your travel with apple air Tag.

You’ll be cleared if your luggage never got onboard. Also, you’ll Know if your luggage made it onboard and not to the baggage handlers. Maybe you’re a city apart from your luggage. Don’t sweat it, Air tags to the rescue. You’ll see it on the tarmac. All you need to do is to turn on the WiFi connection and track it on your Mac book, smartwatch, or any compatible device. Some air tags are operated via an app.


#5. Take Pictures of Your Luggage

Do you remember that you were supposed to carry-on essential items which include your smartphone? Now, here’s one of the benefits. Take pictures of your luggage and save them on your phone.

It shouldn’t be some random shots, make a detailed one that captures the name of your luggage, tracking number, and special designs; you get the gist right? This will go a long way in helping the airliner crew find your luggage with ease.

#6. Remove old Tags

Make away with old Tags and labels from previous travels. Do this to avoid confusion during the sorting of the luggage at the final destination. You will achieve the best result when you do it before checking in. That’s that for that.

#7 Wait for your luggage on arrival

On arrival at your destination, the first place to say hello is where your luggage will be offloaded. Arrive at the baggage offload point before the carousel arrives. Keep alert for the flight number that carries your luggage. This will put you in a better situation to fast-track your luggage.

Do you remember the color tags and identification? Yeah? Look out for the symbols or tags you used to identify your luggage. Be focused it’ll come off quickly. Don’t wink until you’re reunited with your luggage.

#8 Purchase a Travel Insurance

Your losses can be reimbursed and your inconveniences assisted when you have travel insurance. This is true if you lost your luggage with an airline company.

In case it turns out that your luggage is missing, you should contact your insurance company. They’re in a better position to advise you on the necessary steps to take. Wait if they asked you to for further confirmation.

In the waiting process, your insurance company may reimburse you for some reasonable expenses made, such as a change of clothes, paste, and toiletries.


Insurance is a remarkable cover, because, the airline company may refuse reimbursement, but your Insurance company most often than not, will reimburse you for your losses and inconveniences.


Can I sue an airline company for refusing reimbursement for my lost Luggage?

Yes, if your claims are legit and the airline company refuses to reimburse you, you can charge them to Court. They’ll pay as decided by the law court for damages done to you

What is the maximum reimbursement for lost Luggage?

According to the Department of Transportation (DOT), the maximum liability charge for domestic flights is about $3,800 and for international flights, it’s around $1,780. You can be reimbursed way more, but that is dependent on the airline company. More details are here.

How to sue an airline company over lost Luggage?

It’s quite simple, follow these steps:

  • Gather evidence of the luggage mishandling
  • Go to a competent law court with jurisdiction in the case
  • File your complaint
  • File the airline with the same complaint
  • Try a peace talk with the airline company
  • Prove your case at trial

With everything possible, tread on the path of Peace. Nevertheless, if the airline company fails to comply, then proceed. More details

Bon Voyage

Take a deep breath, yeah, you’ll be just fine. Things as such are expected. Do you know that 4.5 of every 1000 Luggage are mishandled? So the chance of you experiencing it is thin. But if it does happen, keep positive energy all through the process, and do not complicate your pains by losing your cool on anyone.

All you have to do is follow the step to step guide on What you should Do when you miss your luggage and you’ll be happy you did. So where do you plan on going? Dubai? I’ll be there this fall. Otherwise, I bet it’s someplace lovely. I wish you well, bon voyage.