Remote Job Opportunities for Immigrants in Canada

From the Covid 19 pandemic, the demand for remote opportunities globally has skyrocketed. There are hundreds of remote jobs that pay well and can lead to long-lasting careers. In fact, working remotely can remove the cost of transportation and other costs associated with working in an office. So if you prefer working from home, then you should keep reading this post. Here, we would be showing you 10 lucrative remote job opportunities for immigrants in Canada and other information.

Where can you Find Remote Jobs in Canada?

You can majorly find remote jobs online. You can check out these websites to find remote jobs:

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional platform for many people who are open to career possibilities. To get a job on LinkedIn, you need to have a strong professional profile, well-thought posts and make the right connections.

2. Indeed

Indeed is another website for remote job opportunities. So many remote opportunities are posted on Indeed every day. On Indeed, you can view which organizations are hiring the most remote workers, which jobs have the most attractive salaries, job locations and the requirements for each job.

3. Flexjobs

Flexjobs is a top website for remote jobs in Canada. Flexjobs post only legit jobs so you can be sure that you are in safe hands.


4. Toptal

Toptal also posts well-searched jobs that pay well. However, to show you are competent, you may go through a screening process.

5. Fiverr

Fiverr is another website where you can get remote jobs. All you have to do is register on the site, create gigs and wait for a buyer to buy your gigs. Depending on how professional your gigs look and other factors, you can earn hundreds of dollars in a day.

6. Upwork

Upwork is similar to Fiverr in so many ways. You get to work remotely for clients all over the world and earn money.

10 Remote Job Opportunities for Immigrants in Canada

1. Software Developer or Engineer

Software developers create apps with available tools and create computer programs. On the other hand, software engineers develop tools to create software and deal with computer hardware. Software development and engineering are one of the highly paid remote jobs available. You may be required to create user-friendly programs, test new programs, and improve on existing programs as a developer. Whether you want to work as a software developer or engineer, you would need to have the following skills:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Mathematical skills
  • Programming skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Time management and organizational skills
  • Teamwork and communication skills

Doing this job, you can earn up to $120,000 per year depending on how much work you have to do.

2. Graphic Designer

If you have a knack for creating posters, fliers and graphics generally, then you can consider being a remote graphic designer. Being a graphic designer allows you to create and design visual works to communicate to a particular audience. You would be responsible for creating the layout and design for adverts, magazines etc. You can create these designs through a computer software such as Canva, Photoshop, InDesign etc. You don’t need to be in an office setting, you can design graphics for yourself or your employer in the comfort of your home. Graphic designers can earn up to $88,000 per year.

3. Business Development Manager

This remote job could bring thousands of dollars to your pocket yearly. Being a business development manager means you are responsible for handling business strategies, dealing with clients, overseeing accounts and meeting productivity goals thereby increasing profit. If you have experience in the business and marketing field and you can relate to customers well, then you can consider this role. You must be able to make sales and create helpful business relationships. As a business development manager, you can up to $134,000 per year.

4. Data Analyst

This is another remote job you can do as an immigrant. As a data analyst, you would be required to help organizations use information and statistics to influence a company’s decision-making process. You must have a sound knowledge of statistics, mathematics and programming to perform this job properly. Data analysts use data to improve, predict and examine a business’ performance. The good thing is that data analysts are in demand and so most organizations are in need of them. You can work with any industry that is looking to make profits.

5. Virtual Accountant

Working as an accountant remotely is almost the same as working in an office except that you would be working from home. You would be required to handle financial transactions and ensure that the records are complete without errors. You should be efficient and have the following skills:

  • Bookkeeping skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Organization
  • Analytical skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Mathematical skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Time management

A remote accountant can earn up to $80,000 yearly.

6. Virtual Assistant

This is another popular remote job among Canadians. As a virtual assistant, you would be required to manage important meetings and schedules, set priorities for emails and phone calls, prepare materials for meetings, and organize travel plans. One good thing about this is that you can perform all your tasks in the comfort of your home without needing to appear at an office. All you need is a phone, laptop and administrative tools such as Microsoft Excel, Zoom, PowerPoint etc. As a virtual assistant, you can earn up to $98,000 yearly.

7. Content Creator

Many young people are interested in this role. This is because it is flexible and creative. If you are creative, committed and lively, then you can consider being a content creator. Content creators make videos or write articles educating people about something. Brands can hire you to create content that would boost their sales. You can also work with different institutions as long as you boost their productivity through your creativity. Again, you don’t need an office to be a content creator, you can create content even in your bedroom as long as you have the right tools.

8. Digital Marketer


The goal of most organizations is to make profit and so they are looking to hire people to help them achieve their aim. If you are sales-oriented, love marketing and are committed to your work, then you can consider being a digital marketer. Digital marketing is a very lucrative career and you don’t need to worry about going to an office to work as you can work remotely. As a digital marketer, you can write emails, do copywriting or content writing, SEO writing, social media management and many others. You are responsible for managing your client’s online presence and pulling traffic to your client’s website. If you are efficient then you can get a lot of money from digital marketing.

9. Tutor

Immigrants can work as tutors remotely without working at a physical school. You can teach any age and any subject as long as you have expertise in a particular area. You would make use of video platforms to connect with students all over the world and teach them. You can create lesson plans, or teach from a program. If you love teaching, then you can consider this role. You are not just restricted to training students, you can also train company staff and be a consultant.

10. Project Manager

Canadian immigrants that are tech savvy can consider becoming project managers. To create new goods and streamline operations, project managers plan, coordinate, and lead various activities. It is easy to work from home as project manager thanks to the abundance of project management tools available, such as Asana, Trello, Zoom, Basecamp, and Microsoft Teams. That is especially true in businesses where many other positions have moved online due to the pandemic. While some forms of collaboration can benefit from face-to-face interaction, project managers can create hybrid strategies that allow people to collaborate face-to-face when necessary in conference rooms or rented offices and remotely when not. In addition, COVID-19 prompted the development and widespread use of powerful web conferencing solutions that offer many of the same advantages as face-to-face meetings.

Tips to help you Work from Home as an Immigrant in Canada

Since working from home is different from working in a traditional office setting, there are some tips that can help you work effectively. These tips include:

1. Start Working Early


Starting your work early can help you finish on time and enhance your productivity. You may feel lazy to get out of bed and end up procrastinating. Before you know it, you didn’t do anything throughout the day. It is advisable to start your work first thing in the morning.

2. Act like you are in an Office

Pretending like you are in an office space could trick your mind to behave in that manner. You can help yourself by wearing proper clothes and sitting down comfortably at a table. Acting like you are in a traditional office can prepare your mind throughout the day and increase productivity.

3. Choose a Workspace

Even if you are working from home, you can still create an office space at home. You can choose a particular location in your house where you resume every day. This would make you more efficient in your responsibilities.

4. Work Outdoors if it Works for you

If working at home would not be convenient for you, then you can go to cafes, restaurants, libraries or even parks to work. This would help you be more creative and less bored when you work.

5. Work at your Most Productive Time


Not everyone likes to work in the morning or late at night. You should know when you are most productive and stick to it. Building your work schedule around that time could enable you to achieve much more than you imagined.

6. Plan

If you want to be effective throughout the day, then you should plan how you want the day to go. Several people fail to plan even if they are aware that they have work to do. Creating a to-do list would help in this regard. You may decide to make your plan flexible but you should try as much as possible to commit to it daily. You can plan out your day, week or even month, the most important thing is to follow it through.

7. Take a Break

Some people have a short attention span and like to go on breaks or do something to take care of their minds from work at the moment. You can listen to music during this period, take a walk, watch a movie or do something else. This would allow you to relax and recharge your brain after so much work. Doing this would also enhance productivity.

8. Join a Remote Community

There are several remote communities online that you can join. You are not the only one working from home and so it would be great to network with others and learn from them. You can also get new gigs or connections when you network with other remote workers.


You don’t need to work in a traditional office setting before you can earn a good salary even as an immigrant in Canada. There are a lot of remote job opportunities waiting for you if you meet the qualifications. This article has shown you where to find remote job opportunities, different remote job opportunities and tips to help you work better from home.