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“Key Skills for Success in Canadian Universities: A Guide for Immigrating Students”

You worked your ass out to gain admission as an international student to Canada, it would be world rending to give up sooner you realize that you lack important skills immigrating students in Canada need to succeed in the university.

Now that you’re here, let me guide you through the 10 important skills immigrating students in Canada need to succeed in university. Before we begin, make sure to have the following in place before Applying for any of the 10 important skills immigrating students in Canada need to succeed in university that I’ll be showing you shortly.

What You Must Do Before Applying For a Skill as an International Student in Canada

Canada is decked with job opportunities for students to aid their academic progress. However, there are some requirements you must meet before you can work as an international student in Canada. First off, it all depends on whether you wish to work on-campus or off-campus. Complementarily, your school program must permit on/off-campus work. Make sure of the following before applying

  • Enroll in a study program that permits you to work on or off campus. If yours doesn’t have one, you can have it changed to a work permit program, at little or no cost
  • Have ready your Social Insurance Number (SIN). Find out how.
  • Study in a Designated Learning institution (DLI). If your University is not a designated learning institution, you won’t be able to work on/off campus.
  • Your study program should last the least 6 months
  • Have legal Approval as a Student

The requirements to work as an international student in Canada

Now that you’re cleared on what you must do, let’s move on to the lucrative 10 important skills immigrating students in Canada need to succeed

10 Important Skills Immigrating Students in Canada Need to Succeed

You can succeed as an international student in Canada with these skills. The following are the top 10 important skills immigrating students in Canada need to succeed.
1. Research Affiliate

No better way to get good at your field and degree than practicing. Research and affiliate programs enable you to earn while carrying out innovative research for the federal government in line with your program and degree. Though this is a full-time job program, interestingly your studies won’t be disturbed because this goes hand in hand with the schooling system. This is a full-time offer.

You’re eligible to apply for this position if you enrolled in a post-secondary school, your study program includes research in its curriculum and you’re up to the working age by either the school or government law.

more details and applications for similar jobs here
2. Driving

Transportation is one service you can never get enough of. As a full-time student, you can use the International Driving Permit(IDP) to get into the field. However, you need a driver’s license issued by the Canadian government or your country’s government for validation. You’re qualified to apply from 16 years of age and above.

You stand the chance to work as a delivery driver, a Lyft driver, a company truck driver, or a taxi driver. It’ll help your finances in no small way.

Maybe you want to drive but have little or no experience in driving, don’t worry there are programs set up to help people in your condition. You’ll do some driving tests to get you warmed and ready for the main road

See more about driving in Canada and how to get your driver’s license in Canada

#3 Digital Marketing(freelancing)

Having fine digital marketing knowledge is among the top 10 important skills immigrating students in Canada need to succeed. Digital marketing is a freelance earning skill that doesn’t require any physical location for an office, but your internet-enabled device.

Suitable for part-time and full-time students. All businesses in the 21 century employ this specialty to gain exposure and patronage.

In this context, digital marketing involves all skills that are performed using the computer and internet which includes: SEO & SEM creation, content creation, Data Analysis, Social media, programming, web development, and more.


You work at your own pace and comfort. Your earnings are unlimited, and it strictly depends on the number of deals you close which is tied to how good you are. One thing unwavering is that you won’t be bored.

#4. Bartender

Where would you be after school? sitting and wandering away your life in an empty pocket? Go get yourself a bar to tend. You earn anywhere around $14 per hour. May not sound bountiful, but in Canada one thing is sure; a 15% to 20% tip is a possibility. Go for it and make hundreds and thousands a week.

#5. Tutor

Everything a man is, he learned from someone; knowledge runs the world. Sell your knowledge. If you’re good at digital marketing, and maths or you have your hands on musical instruments, go for it. Look for those who want the knowledge and sell it to them.

Be innovative in how you harvest clients and live out your dreams. Social media is a good funnel in this aspect. The charge depends on your experience and knowledge in the field. Begin at $10 or $15 per hour. Good luck.

#6. Sales Assistant

I know, it may not sound promising depending on how you view it from your country. But, it works. Sales may vary depending on your place of service.

You can apply in a boutique, supermarket, computer gadget stores, food stores, and More. It’s a great job for the weekends with steady pay. Good thing is, you might get a tip from well-meaning customers and commissions from some sales you make.

You don’t need any experience to know how to sell in a shop, your training will be conditioned to the kind of sales to take.

#7. Barista (Sell some coffee)

Can you mix top-notch ingredients in a cup? I don’t know about yours, but in Canada, you’re rushed if your coffee tastes right. My little advice for you; know what people like and serve them well. know what you’re doing and do it best.


As a Barista, you earn around $15 per hour. This is a great choice for you as a part-time or full-time student as there can be a shift in sales time(morning and evening shifts)

#8. Dog Walking

OMG! Dog what? You heard that right. Know this; section 444-447 of the Canadian institution is dedicated to the welfare of cattle, wildlife, and pets in Canada except for chicken and fish. It holds against “unnecessary pain, suffering or injury to an animal or bird” and “causing damage or injury by wilful neglect

Nowadays people barely have time for themselves, making it a big deal for a pet’s day out. That’s why they appreciate any fellow who can fill in for them while they’re away. You can earn an hourly pay of about $14 and more. It’s a great part-time job for a part-time student.

You can reach your clients by doing your research, and utilizing social media for the maximum turn-up.

#9. Translator

It’s a blessing to speak and understand more than one language fluently. Being a translator requires that you write, speak, translate and communicate well with a third party.

You can be employed in a church, campaigns, and/or business seminars, and more also, you can be a freelance translator. It’s one skill that responds very well to your bendings. Charges and payments depend on how good you are. However, you should put yourself out there for exposure, patronage, and recommendations

#10. Baby Sitting (Nanny)

Who wouldn’t enjoy the company of precious cuties like babies; well, let’s face it, babies can be annoying at times. Do you have what it takes to pamper, entertain, make meals, endure and make babies happy around you? Yes? then you’re good to go.

Remember this: Nanny days are here to stay, and parents always go away. They can pay, any day, you who made their babies day.

You can carry on with some of your schoolwork while the babies are asleep. If you do well, you will be amazed at how well you’ll be treated. Having first aid and basic medical knowledge is a plus here. You can end up landing a bigger pay opportunity.


  • Can I work part-time as an International Student in Canada?

Yes, you can work both part-time and full-time as an International Student in Canada. But you must meet certain requirements like having a full study permit. Also, your school program must include an on/off-campus work permit and you must be up to the working age as permitted by law.

  • How can I get a Social Insurance Number (SIN)?

You can get your Social Insurance Number(SIN) by logging onto the official site for an application, it’ll take you 15 business days to get it after application. Apply here

Final Words

Canada is a place of opportunities for students of all degrees and experiences. First off, it all depends on whether you wish to work on-campus or off-campus. Your school program must permit on-campus or off-campus work.

Among the top 10 important skills immigrating students in Canada need to succeed in university are in scales of experiences ranging from a little to no experience skills to high profile intellectual skills. You should consider the time factor before choosing any of the above skills. Some have a short training period, while some have a longer period to master. My advice? The earlier the better. Good luck.