Best and Cheapest Car Rental Companies in Canada

Going for car rentals in Canada, yeah? Read along, I have exactly what you want. And this is it, the ease of traveling to Canada with the assurance that there’s a means of transit.

Maybe you have your car at the repair shop and you seek an alternative. Probably, you want to avert certain costs. If you’re like me, you would want to rent a car because you like to test-run the style of the new ride you wish to buy.

Whatever your motives are, you’re thinking of two things only and that’s comfort and affordability.

You should rent and ride comfortable and luxurious cars at an affordable price.

I have carefully listed for you the top 10 Best and Cheapest Car rental companies in Canada that you can access with just a click on your mobile phone.

They differ in their condition of service, discounts, rewards, and lots more. But one thing is guaranteed; comfort and affordability. You’re here, pick one and smile.

Top 10 Best and Cheapest Car Rental Companies in Canada

Here are the top 10 Best and Cheapest Car rental companies in Canada for you. Beyond affordability, the experiences are top-notch. They provide rides for all classes ranging from Economy rides to luxurious gigs. Let’s delve in.

#1. AVIS Canada

Looking to make your car rental experience easier and more fun, then you’re looking forward to Avis Canada. You’ve been assured the best rates on cars and rentals with Avis Canada. With destinations scattered across major locations in Canada, Mexico, and the US.

Avis brings about accessible fleets of cars to your tastes ranging from Economy to elite cars with unlimited kilometers coverage.

Enjoy attractive deals where you are awarded points for every dollar spent on rentals and accessories when you switch to AVIS PREFERRED.

Cut the cue by installing the innovative Avis app on your mobile device.

The pay rates for cars in Avis depend on the class of cars you wish to rent, still, you’ll be spending around $32/day for Economy class rides and about $100/day and above for luxury cars.

Daily rent depends on availability, time, and location. You have Airplane deals, hotels, and business agreements at your disposal to make your trip an experience of a lifetime.

Enjoy short-term and long-term rental deals, with amazing discounts of up to 10-30% off the base price when you pay at once.

See the AVIS Canada official site for a complete information

#2. SIXT

Experience comfort and style driving with Sixt; it’s an intercontinental car rental service placed all over the globe which encompasses Europe, Africa, Southern America, and France. SIXT is also located in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, Canada. It’s a great choice for families, friends, and individuals in large transit. With almost a century and a decade of experience in the business of transportation, you’re in good hands.


Sixt makes available awesome fleets ranging from SUVs, Convertibles, Sports Cars, Minivans, Passenger vans, and guaranteed models to mention a few; you will find what suits you.

You can’t say no to the attractive mid-week deal that enables you to save up to 25% cashback; other offers may be limited to people from a named country. Keep a tab on the SIXT official site for more deals

With a wide variety of discount scalping from students, the travel industries, and military transportation services. Everyone has a place in Sixt no matter how small or large the organization is.

BREAKING: There’s a job vacancy for you at sixt Apply here

Back to business, Sixt is highly digitalized, experiencing the prestige of controlling your car with your mobile phone. With awesome features that enable you to re-book and cancel bookings.

Ride and share rides limitlessly; all in the Sixt app worldwide.

Expect from C$23/ day for the economy, around C$122/day for passenger vans, and up to C$48/day for SUVs.

Visit Sixt for accuracy


#3. Alamo

With figures of 1,100+ car rentals worldwide, Alamo extends its top-notch services across Europe, North America, Africa & Middle East, Central America & Caribbean, Asia, and the Pacific. Alamo makes traveling to popular destinations in Canada fun and cheap with low rates and charges.

With 73 vehicle class options available in Canada, your style awaits.

You have SUVs, Trucks, Cars, and Vans to serve up your maximum satisfaction. At Alamo, a customer with a disability is not left behind. Just provide a surrogate driver with a valid driver’s license, then you are good to hit the road.

Take advantage of the three Canon deals from Alamo in which you can upgrade your car class at no cost. Terms and conditions applied. You can plan early by booking your car rentals in advance. Feel lucky as you enjoy the last-minute car rental specials. All three offers are available to people in the US and Canada

To Check-in in person can be hectic, you can skip the cue by the accelerated check-in method and the Skip the counter method

Check-in website for accurate details

Keep around $27/day for an Economy class ride and around $45 for a minivan.

4#. Hertz Rental Car

Another easy-going car rental company that merits the top 10 Best and Cheapest Car rental companies in Canada is Hertz. It’s a not-so-low-budget car rental where you win points, miles, and credits for each eligible rental that you make. With extensive care services for the physically challenged.


There are also emergency support programs in place to assist customers that are faced with difficulty or in bad situations like car accidents and delays.

Are you lost in transit? no worries, Hertz had already anticipated such a possibility, log onto “Hertz Assistance” on the website, follow the details, and be found. Upgrade to Hertz gold and Start earning, it’s free to join.

You stand a chance to redeem your points for free rental days. You can also earn premium status the more you rent. Save up to 20% off base rate using the RBC Avion Visa Card. You can also enjoy 10% off Hertz Per Litre Price for Fuel.

Having the thought of renting on Hertz? Then spare about $40/day at the Lowest, this will cover economy class rides.

Explore Hertz for a clearer comparison

#5. Sunny Cars

It’s Hassle free car rentals in Canada that assures clear and all-inclusive fees, without future surprises. You smile while you ride. With locations in about 120 countries worldwide. You only experience the sunny side of cars with Sunny cars.

Run unlimited kilometers and feel safe. The sum of € 7.5 million is at stake for the third party’s protection, meaning reimbursement when faced with broken windows, flat tires, dent knock or scratch is sure.

It’s a flexible car rental that bends to your taste. Bring your secondary driver alongside too; it’s allowed only when it’s stated earlier in the contract states.


Note that, you will still pay for extra accessories like a child seat, GPS or border crossing, and more. You can cancel up to 4 hours before the book time at no charge.

$35/day is up for a standard ride with 5 Adults and 3 bags.

Full details on Sunny Cars here

#6. Enterprise

Enterprise Car rentals as one of our top 10 Best and Cheapest Car rental companies in Canada boast to go beyond traditional car rentals to being the global transportation solution. Agreeably so, the proof begins at 10,000 locations in 90 countries across the globe.

Progressively, it’s an Enterprise of high-class fleets to make your day. Ranging from Upgraded minivans, SUVs, Cars, Cargo vans, and Pickup trucks. Enterprise has exactly what you’re looking for.

Get involved in the scenic drive adventure and explore the heart of Canada at a low cost. You can also earn double points on all eligible rentals by taking advantage of bonuses and opportunities, only when you upgrade to the Enterprise Plus, available now through 31 January 2023.

Check it out here.

#7. Thrifty

If you’re counting outstanding rental car selection in Canada, then, you should count Thrifty Car rentals twice. It’s Worth a repeat patronage. You have everything you need here: go on vacation with the minivans, spend the weekend with family and friends using SUVs and save something later with the economy class.


It’s an international car rental service that reaches you from your standpoint, with destinations and locations dispersed all around Canada and the US.

Don’t worry about your reservations, you can cancel anytime and change your schedule to suit your taste at no charge.

Thrifty can do short-term and long-term bookings, only know where you want to go and check in already.

Confirm the information now

#8. Budget Car Rentals

With a reputation cutting through Canada and the world at large, Budget Car rentals offer satisfactory driving experiences in Economy rides and elite cars.

With a wide range to choose from the likes includes SUVs, Jeep Wranglers, Volvos, and Sports cars to mention a few. Your budget is in check for the maximum turn-up. With stocks of products and perks at pickup or during online reservation.

Feel safe while driving, you’re covered. The Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) rebates your loss for as low as $30/day. Again, the Personal Accident and Effect(PAE) protects you and your passengers against loss, injury, and accident with nothing more than $7 a day with other insurance policies that make sure of complete safety assurance.

Budget Car Rentals offers short-term and long-term rentals with amazing offers on points and Miles. They partner with popular airlines and luxurious hotels to give you more than a rental experience.

You can book Budget Car rentals online via the official site

#9. Dollar CAR RENTAL

When You think luxury, think Dollar Car Rentals. They understand whose dollar it is; “yours of course.” That’s why they’ll treat you like a million bucks serving you more than car rentals. Experience flexible travel options for you and your family.

With delightful fleets that soothe your taste. Try the Economy, convertibles, and SUVs. Don’t forget the Prestige Rentals, minivans, and luxuries. They’re all yours to do.

The deals at Dollar Car Rentals are dripping delight: take your family for a road trip and save 15% off the base rate. Do a weekly Rental and get one day free. 20% off when you tour the Dominican Republic. Get a cashback of 10% on Weekend & Weekly Rentals. There’s more on the Dollar official site, which enables you to rent and earn endless Miles and points. Budget about $35 per day for the Economy class rides.

#10. Driving Force

DRIVING FORCE is a rental, leasing, and sales company. Its services are phenomenal, they specialize in handling your transit nightmares and the impossible threat of why you may not want to rent a car. They make sure that you get your vehicle how you want it, equipped to your desire, right on time.

They specialize in low-mileage, late-model cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans. However, it doesn’t limit their ability to satisfy your specifications per time. With a large fleet in a network of locations across Canada, you’re going somewhere.

Keep in mind, they do not provide special services like babysitters.

Seeing is believing. See all about the Driving force policy and more here.


  • What class of cars are the cheapest?

The Economy classes of cars are the cheapest, it’ll help you save a little on rentals.

  • Which are the best and Cheapest car rental companies in Canada?

They’ve been listed above, click on the links of your choice and enjoy comfortable luxurious rides at affordable rates


Whatever your motives are for wanting to rent a car in Canada or elsewhere, you only desire two things, which are: comfort and affordability. You should rent and ride comfortable and luxurious cars at an affordable cost. However, be informed that the information provided about the top 10 Best and Cheapest Car rental companies in Canada is opinion based. Kindly log on to the official sites of the companies that are listed above for accurate information. Stay safe, and drive safe.